Baby Books

People say that they best time to teach a child is from infancy. This is why book stores are starting to carry baby books inside them. There are many books that you can read your child at young age. One book that your child might enjoy could be the five star books, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book". One parent states, "My two and a half year old son absolutely loved it and could not put it down. The fact that it is a tiny book suits his little hands even better." The parent also elaborated on how she remembered reading the same book to her baby from regular size book. She observed that the smaller book captured the attention of the baby quicker that the full size book, even though it had bigger pictures.
Another parent called this book a fun, witty, classic tale. The book is about a young caterpillar that is born and begins to eat his way through the world. The caterpillar also eats its way through many foods your child can identify with. The foods are eaten on each of the seven days of the week; which shows your child the difference in days. The caterpillar soon gets very fat and turns into a beautiful butterfly. This teaches your child at an early age about the metamorphosis of caterpillars.
Another parent calls the book the perfect spring reading. She brings out how many of the Authors' books have gimmicks, from the "VERY BUSY SPIDER" to the "VERY QUIET CRICKET". The gimmick in this book is that the caterpillar eats holes through all the food, holes that are actually punched into the pages of the book. Text in this book is very simple as well. This way babies can go along with the story line. This is definitly a good baby book.


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