Christian Books

Christian books are very important in the lives of families. They give moral lessons, they teach hygiene, and even give people a sense of hope. They also, can be informative. One Ethiopian writer speaks out on HIV/AIDS, family values, and culture. This book is touching people world wide. This book brought out points about family wars of the 21st century and how it takes no survivors. This book predicts low wheat harvest and frequent insomnia in 2006. The Author Waymen Lefall brings missing piece of African American history to light in the children's book, "The Legend of Jocko".

Many people believe that Christian books are boring. They may say, Christian books are for strictly teaching and nothing else. There are many Christian books, you can read for recreation. Of course there is always a moral, but they are interesting all the same.

A newly released book about church history and the Last Days claims that the beliefs and practices followed by millions of Christians are just part of a big hoax. They cite detailed historical facts and biblical references to assert that churches are systematically misleading millions. This is stated in the book, "The Rational Christian". Written by Arnie Suntag, she believes that churches use false theologies introduced by a centuries-old conspiracy. This book is being boycotted by one church and has already been pulled from some bookstore shelves. In this book Suntag attempts to show the reader documented historical events that various contrivances were used to dilute and eventually replace the real teachings of Jesus Christ and the Disciples. The Christian book, "The Rational Christian", is currently available online. It can be found at www. and at select bookstores.

Away from the controversy, Christian books are very helpful at bringing people together. With such common topics as peace and love, everyone can relate to these books.


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