College Text Books

College text books can be very expensive, but there is a cheaper way to get them. There are six steps in fact, to help you save money when looking for text books.
First, find out which text books you may need as early as possible. Then, try to find older friends who have taken the class already. It's always cheaper to buy used text books than new ones. Plus, the information is the same, new or old. Next, look for used text books at the campus bookstore. You are sure to get a deal on used books at the bookstore. The Internet may be a good tool in finding text books as well. You can visit certain college web sites that carry college text books in general. Be sure to give yourself plenty option. You probably won't find all the books in one place.
"Timing is everything", a book by Evil_Mage_Ra, gives some points on how to find books. This book stated that the key is finding out, as fast as possible, what courses you're taking the next term and finding out what books they'll require. Sometimes a fellow student will be selling that book at a reduced price. Be sure to check Amazon links as well.
When you get your college text books make sure to label all of them. College books are a hot commodity with struggling students. You may want to buy covers for them, to protect from any premature damaging. You may also want to try only bringing the books to school you need for that day. This way, you may be able to keep the same books throughout the school year.
Last but not least, make sure you use your college text books. They have information in them for a reason. Make sure you cite important points, so that you can fall back on them as soon as possible.
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