Kelly Blue Book

The Kelly Blue Book is a wonderful way to appraise your car. Its important to know just how to use it if you want to resell your vehicle. It has pricing for both used and new cars. The Kelly Blue Book is known mostly for used car pricing. There are different ways to price your car.
The Kelly Blue Book is used to find car retailing prices that you would expect a dealer to ask for if you were buying the car. The Blue Book Private Party Price is the price that you would expect to pay when buying the vehicle from another buyer. Of course, this would be the price that you would expect to receive if you were selling the car as well.
Kelly Blue Books also give you trade in values. This consists of the price that you would expect to receive from a auto dealer who was buying your car. This price will almost always be lower than the used car. The trusted guide and resource for used cars for over seventy seven years, is today's number one vehicle information resource for both consumers and dealers across America.
The first Kelly Blue Book guide was published in nineteen twenty six. Les Kelley, a veteran of the used car business, realized that there was a real need for accurate information on valuing and estimating the prices of used cars. He would compile data, organized it, and created the first edition of the Kelley Blue Book. This contained factory list prices and the cash value on thousands of vehicles.
In only a few years, the Kelly Blue Book, a small, informative automotive industry resource, had became the mainstay of the resale car market across the USA. The Kelly Blue Book is definitely become part of automotive history.

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