Wedding Guest Books

Your wedding day is one of the most days of your life. When it comes, its a delight, but when its over, it seems as if everything went too fast. Having wedding guest books are an excellent keep sake item. Wedding guest books can be a special treasure that will last forever. It is filled with great memories of those who shared your special day with you.

There are many types of wedding guest books. Unlike the traditional guest books, there are other types of keepsakes books. Some suggestions are to have a blank book on a table near the entranceway of the guests. Have each of your guest attach a Polaroid picture of themselves as they arrive at the wedding. After the picture is attached, have them to write their own greeting next to the picture. This is a great way to remember all who came to your wedding by face and name. Something else you can do is have a silver platter and an engraving pen on the table at the entranceway. The guest can sign their names on the plate as they arrive. This can seem a little time consuming, and pricey, but it is all the while worth it.

There are many fun ways to increase the diversity of traditional wedding guest books. If you are using a videographer, have him create an electronic memory book for you. This is one of the best ways to "capture" moments. You will be able to watch people interact with each other, and watch you own wedding as an outsider. Many times you miss certain moments when you are on "cloud nine". Being able to see everything that went on can be a very enjoyable experience, bringing back great memories. This just goes to show how creative wedding guest books can be. Choose a method that best suits your personality, and what you are looking for. Remembering you special day is priceless.

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